A capsule wardrobe for a festival

I’m not known for packing light, even though until recently we didn’t have a car, meaning we often went on holiday by train, trying to pack only what I needed never really happened. I’m a great one for ‘what ifs’ – meaning I seemed to take half my wardrobe [and then some] with me. After detoxing my wardrobe at the beginning of the year, I’ve gotten much better at packing light and have learnt to love the capsule wardrobe.

Capsule wardrobes and festivals are a great pair – if you’re only taking a rucksack for the weekend you’ll be limited on space and you don’t want it to weigh a tonne when you’re trekking across a field from the car park! We’re heading to three festivals this summer, and with six people’s belongings to fit in our car, space is tight. SO I’ve worked out my perfect festival capsule wardrobe…

A capsule wardrobe for a festival

* a pair of Jeans {great if it’s chilly}
* a pair of denim shorts {i’ve gone for black high waisted ones this year}
* A couple of sundresses – can be worn on their own or over jeans
* 2 tees {a breton stripe and Mother tee are my pics}
* 2 cami/vest tops
* floral kimono
* warm Jumper
* Raincoat!
* Wellies
* Birkenstocks
* Ankle boots
* Sun hat

Obvs also remember to pack plenty of underwear and some PJ’s! The key is to picking pieces that can be mixed and matched, and layered up. Hopefully you’ll luck out with a sunny weekend, but even then it still gets chilly at night so have layers to put on is essential. Wellies and a good raincoat can be a lifesaver if it’s wet!

With the right few pieces, you can pack light and still look fab all weekend long.

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