Spiced Coffee and Von Shef Milk Frother review

vonshef milk frother review

It’s no secret I love coffee – these past 17 months it’s the one thing that has kept me going everyday and stopped me falling asleep into my lunch! There was a period of time when I got into the habit of going out for a sneaky Starbucks far too many days each week. Not only does it get pretty costly, but those drinks are full of sugar [but they don’t have taste yummy!}

I’ve also been making a conscious effort the past couple of weeks to drastically cut down how much sugar I’m eating – meaning those sugar laden coffees are a big no-no. I have a stove top espresso maker, which is amazing- it makes the best coffee, takes up less space than a big coffee machine and is pretty fool proof {unless you’re so sleepy you forget to add the water….!}. Because I don’t drink cow’s milk, it’s always a faff making coffee at home as I find our Soya milk tends to curdle if I don’t heat it up. SO when Domu.co.uk offered me this Electric Milk Frother to test out, it seemed like the perfect gadget. I picked the copper version because it looked oh so pretty, and I have to say – I’m really impressed with it. Far more than I thought I would be!

It’s actually really well made, and feels alwaysvaltrexonline.com solid – so often kitchen gadgets verge on ‘novelty’ but this certainly doesn’t. The handle is heat resistant and it comes with two whisk heads – one for heating and one for frothing. They’re easy to change, and the one you’re not using clips inside the lid- so no chance of it getting lost in the kitchen drawers! It’s easy to use too – pour in your milk {there are guides to show you min/max amounts}, press the button and wait for a minute.

You can also have frothy, cold milk – just hold the button down for a couple of seconds – this is great for adding to milkshakes, or using on top of a dessert as a healthier alternative to cream.

spiced coffee

I’ve whipped up this delicious, flavoured coffee alternative – some days I add a tiny dash of agave syrup or honey to sweeten, some days I don’t {depends how tired I’m feeling!}


1 shot of espresso
1/2 cup soya milk {or any nut/cows milk}
Pinch of cinnamon/Half a vanilla pod

Brew your coffee in the usual way
Pour the milk into the Milk Frother
Add either a pinch of cinnamon, or the vanilla pod, and switch on!
Pour the milk over your espresso, sprinkle a touch of cacoa powder over the top and enjoy


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  1. June 8, 2016 / 02:29

    Very nice coffee – I love cappucini but realise now late-night coffee does not help my sleep at all. Sugar-laden coffees are a problem for my mass, but I still have trouble drinking coffee without sugar as it is simply too bitter.

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