Friday Feels

friday feels

Woohoo!! Friday… hands up if you’re happy??! We’ve actually had some sunshine this week – it almost felt like summer! We’ve been enjoying the sun and being able to have all the doors and windows open. Beastie has been playing in the sand pit all week {meaning my house is covered in sand} and the girls have been playing out in their swimsuits making origami paper water bombs! Not sure the weather looks so good for the weekend though. We don’t have much planned anyway, a little housework, maybe a trip on the bus {I’ve been promising Beastie all week! That boy loves buses ha!}, perhaps a movie if it’s wet. Lazy weekends are my favourites. Here are a few good things from this week:

* HOLIBOBS! We’re off to Bluestone in just over a week. Hurrah! I can’t wait. I was just saying last week how I wished we were off on holiday soon – and then they got in touch to ask if we would like to visit again. We loved our trip last year, and seeing as I’m saying yes to more adventures, a last minute break was perfect! We’re not sure if G can get the time off work yet, we’re hopeful, but we’ll be heading over on the train anyway. The kiddos are SO excited.

* Ice-cold drinks. This lovely sun has made us reach for some icy cold drinks. We’ve been testing out these Appl Fizzics. They’re really yummy, and as a Mama I love that they contain 40% less sugar than pure apple juice. It’s nice to find a fizzy drink the girls love that’s a far better option than fizzy pop! I’m thinking they’d make a lovely base for summer cocktails too…!

* Speaking of sugar, this fab post from Alison at Not Another Mummy Blog really resonated with me. I’ve been thinking and talking for ages about sorting out my diet. Since Vega was born, I’ve eaten far too much sugar – chocolates, cakes, biscuits – they’re pretty much what I’ve lived on. I’ve gotten to the point where I know I need to sort it out, and I know it’s not making me feel good. I read that on Monday morning and it gave me the kick up the butt I needed. I’ve not had any junk all week, cut the sugar out of my hot drinks and eaten lots more fruit and veg. I won’t say it’s been easy because it hasn’t {especially when Kiki made a batch of millionaire’s shortbread midweek!!} but I know in the long run it will make me feel better.

bored sport t-shirts

* I’ve been sorting out the girls wardrobes this week, packing away stuff that doesn’t fit and bring out some bits ready for this warmer weather! The good thing for Kiki and Baya is that they both have boxes of hand-me-downs waiting for them. It’s always nice to add a few new things in though, and Kiki and Baya just got sent some t-shirts from Bored Sport. They’re fab t-shirts – bright and funky designs, and the t-shirts are really thick and great quality – unlike some of the ones they’ve had from the high street. They’ve barely taken them off since they arrived, and they’ve withstood several washes already with no sign of fading or the print breaking.

* I love this shelf make-over on the Roost Blog – I really love the little buckets to keep all those little bits and pieces in – I think this would be fab in my bathroom {hint hint G!!}

* This post on The Pool REALLY struck a chord. I’ve been feeling a bit, meh the past couple of weeks and this was just what I needed to read. Now to put her advice into action….

dotcomgiftshop glass photo frames
* I had a space waiting to be filled on my upstairs hallway wall – these gorgeous glass frames arrived from dotcomgiftshop, I popped in some gorgeous postcards {from the fabulous Lost Wren} and some dried flowers from my press, and they look amazing – make me smile every time I walk past them!

Hope you all have some fun things planned for your weekend?? xx


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