Planning some Summer Holidays…


I suddenly realised the other day that May is just around the corner already – yikes! Summer will be here before we know it – I’m really really looking forward to some warm weather, long days in the garden, or at the park, or down by the river. I’ve really felt the effects of winter this year – even though it has been mild, and I am more than ready for long, sunny days.

I have been trying to make some plans for our summer already – holidays, day trips, etc. We already have a couple of festivals booked in, Lola has a guide camp booked in , we’re hoping to visit family as well. We didn’t have a holiday last summer as we had to be sensible and spend our pennies on moving house, so holiday plans this year are more exciting than usual!

We haven’t been abroad ever with the kids – that’s probably very unusual, but simply we’ve just never been able to afford it in the past. I’m actually planning on getting all six of us passports soon, so that we can at least contemplate taking that first foreign holiday all together.

The last time I went abroad was with G, fourteen years ago. I was five months pregnant, and G’s folks kindly paid for us to go on a late honeymoon {as we eloped to Gretna Green we didn’t have a honeymoon straight off}. It was February, and cold and wet at home- and unfortunately, cold and wet when we arrived at our resort. Being out of season meant that everything was shut, except the bars. Which wasn’t much use given me being pregnant. We were also the youngest there by about fifty years. It wasn’t the best holiday we’ve ever had – and to top it all off G got food poisoning and we were stuck in the room for a couple of days! I don’t think we’ve ever been so pleased to come home from a holiday.

The only good point of the holiday, was a day trip we took to Alicante. We had the best day walking around the old town, there was so much culture to soak up [and some amazing food too]. We spent a couple of hours walking around the gorgeous Cathedral there.

We’ve often talked of going back – have been planning on a return for almost 14 years, so perhaps now is the time! I think a week in the Spanish sunshine would do us all the world of good, Lola has been learning some Spanish for the past few months so it would be great for her to put it into practice too.

The more plans I make, the more excited I’m getting! Do you have plans made for your summer holidays yet?


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