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bugaboo cameleon review

After almost 13 years of using pushchairs, we’ve a good idea just what we are looking for to fit our needs. For us, we use a pushchair a lot. We don’t have a car so do a lot of walking, meaning a pushchair is vital for every day life, not only for transporting baby/toddler but also for carrying shopping, picnics and everything else that we need to take on days out {seems like half the house sometimes!} With the girls we had around a dozen pushchairs over the years – all apart from one was a three wheeler, they were all big pushchairs as opposed to buggies as that is what works best for us.

When I was pregnant with Vega, I started researching what was on the market. there are quite a few new designs now since I was last looking when our third child was born. It was actually really exciting to be pushchair shopping again! I had a pushchair ready and set up around a month before my due date each time – to be ready but also because I was always excited about having a new baby to put in it!!

Vega is 13 months now, and our needs have changed slightly {no longer need a carrycot} but we still use the pushchair every day. I came up with a list of what we need in a pushchair:

Parent facing/forward facing options
Big wheels
Easy to steer
Not too heavy
Big shopping basket

bugaboo cameleon

Since Christmas, we’ve been testing out the Bugaboo Cameleon, and putting it through its paces to see how it compares and if it fulfils our needs. I love how it looks, the black and silver looks really stylish, we opted for a blue hood to add a pop of colour. {The hood also came with a matching coloured apron that goes onto the carrycot part}. It was easy and straightforward to put together, from taking it out of the box to Vega testing it only took me twenty minutes max.

The pushchair itself is light, though it doesn’t feel flimsy at all. It’s a great sturdy feeling frame, that I think will last and take lots of use. It’s really easy to steer, even with one hand – an essential if you have older kiddos who like to hold your hand when you’re walking! We’ve used it in town, and also taken it across the fields, and the wheels coped with the different terrains really well – it was still easy to push even on the rough ground.

bugaboo review

The brake is on the handle bar – the first pram we had after Vega was born had this and it confused me as I was used to foot brakes with the girls, but now I’ve gotten used to it being there I find it really easy to use. It’s easy to flick on and off quickly too. The shopping basket is one of my favourite bits – it’s fairly big and can easily hold all we need for a day out PLUS it has a draw string closure so you can be sure that nothing is going to fall out {I’ve had that happen way to many times in the past!}

The seat can be reversed – so baby can face you or he can face out to see where he’s going. I still have Vega sat looking at me, mainly because I/ love to chatter with him as we’re going along! The handle height can also be adjusted, while G and I are off a similar height, this is great as I can lower it if one of the girls want to push Vega along.

Vega seems to like riding in it, he is happy and comfortable, both awake and when he’s napped in it. From my point of view, I think the seat could be a little bigger – he’s quite a big 1-year-old and looks like he fills it already. I’m not sure how well he’ll fit in a year or two – and as we don’t have a car, we still need a pushchair even with an older toddler. Like I said though, right now, he seems really comfortable in the seat so it’s not an issue at the moment.

It’s fairly easy to fold up, though we have the space at home to leave it up all the time so I don’t do it often. It’s easy to push onto a bus/train though would be tricky if you needed to collapse it as the seat has to be removed from the chassis – if you have a toddler or baby to manage too it would be difficult without a second pair of hands to help out. All in all though, I’m happy with the pushchair, it fits our needs really well and Vega is happy sat in it!

vega bugaboo


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  1. Julien Peter Benney

    January 30, 2016 at 13:36

    When I was a boy, I had no recollection of pushers at all or even of prams.

    Mummy did not learn to drive until the middle 1980s when I was a growing boy who would tease my brother – I now see teasing as highly immoral – but my late Daddy, of whom Mummy was the second wife and myself the fifth of six children – drove us around a great deal even when I was very young.

  2. Laura Clinch

    February 2, 2016 at 18:39

    This is my dream pushchair. I spent ages pushing it around Mothercare the other day. The only problem is, in the colourway I want it, it’s £1,000! I can’t afford it so have had to go with a SIlver Cross one instead.

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