Happy #6

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Last week was a particularly tough one… I realised there was a full moon which always has a negative effect on my kiddos behaviour! Needless to say by the weekend we’d all had enough! There was not much sleep… I got a migraine/bug and felt like death. Fingers crossed this week is better – I definitely need a happy list to remind myself of all the good things this week!

Tulips – nothing beats a bunch of pretty flowers to brighten up the dullest day. I picked up a couple of bunches of pretty tulips at the supermarket mid-week to add a little sunshine to my living room.

Bed-days – Friday I had a combination of a migraine/exhaustion/bug… thankfully G was off in the day and took all four kiddos out to our home ed group for a few hours, giving me some very much needed time in bed!

Friend time – some weeks go by and I get no adult company.. thankfully I’ve managed to rectify that this past week and had lots of time to catch up and chat with friends. Friends really are the family you get to choose :)

Breakfast dates – Sunday we dropped the big three kiddos off for the kids club at the cinema and popped next door to Frankie and Bennies for breakfast… just Papa, Beastie and me… was nice but weird being a family of three for a while!

What is on your Happy list this week?

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