Things I never thought I’d do before I was a Mama

Things I never thought I'd do before I was a Mama

First off, I always said I’d never be a Mama, but now that I am {four times over} there are many things that I thought I’d never do that I don’t even think twice about. Parenthood certainly changes you!

1// Be happiest at home… before I had kids, I could never imagine being a stay-at-home-mama. The thought of being home all day, looking after kiddos, doing the housework, cooking meals – just didn’t appeal. Now – well, I couldn’t imagine NOT being home with them all day long!!

2// Being OK with getting covered in spit up and baby sick. There was a time the thought of that would turn my stomach, now, I barely notice. And if there isn’t a bib or muslin to hand, I’ll happily use my clothes without thinking twice.

3// Cope with no sleep. I fully admit, I need lots of sleep. Without it, I tend to turn into something of a crazy lady…. BUT when you have a newborn, sleep is something of a luxury, and you soon learn to function on a bare minimum.

4// Change dirty nappies. Pretty sure my face used to look like Lola’s does now when I have to clean one of Beastie’s pooey nappies! Now, even if I get a little poop on my hands, I don’t even feel a teeny bit sick ;)

5// Do things one-handed. As a Mama, you quickly learn that if you want to get ANYTHING done, then it’ll have to be done with one hand. Eating, typing, cleaning…. I’m a dab hand!!

6// Be so selfless. I know part of being a teenager is being selfish. But there was a time that I couldn’t imagine putting someone elses needs before my own, now I have four kiddos who always take priority over me. Like falling down the stairs, and ending up battered and bruised because you held tight to your baby so they didn’t get hurt.

7// Eat someone elses {half chewed} food. Gross I know… but we’ve all done it right!? I remember once at a party we had, one of the girls giving me something {out of their mouth} that they decided they didn’t like, and just popping it in my mouth without thinking…. I turned around to see one of our friends watching, and the look on his face was of utter disgust ha!

8// Hum nursery rhymes…. even when the baby is fast asleep.

9// Smell someone’s bum – before you’re a Mama, you see someone pick up their baby and sniff their butt to see if they need a nappy change and are practically sick. Now, you are that Mama sniffing a butt!

10// Wake up when they so much as sniffle…. I used to sleep like a log. Nothing would wake me. Now they can roll over and my eyes are open in case they need me!

What did you say you’d never do before you had kids?

3 thoughts on “Things I never thought I’d do before I was a Mama

  1. Rocking back and for wherever I am even if Ez isn’t with me.

    Not freaking out when I get peed on!

    Giving up my lie ins
    I used to sleep so much, but I never get a lie in now!

    Working from home full time whilst also being a full time mum – super lucky but an incredible challenge!!

    Singing random songs out loud in the middle of Tesco to make Ez giggle and everyone look at me like I’m a loon!

    Go out in public looking like a hobo!

    All good though and I’m super lucky to have my amazing little guy, he makes our lives so much fuller and happier.

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