Festive breakfasts and brunches with Brioche Pasquier

Festive breakfasts and brunches with Brioche Pasquier

While homeschooling means that we don’t have to rush out of the house to do the school run, mornings are still pretty hectic and I usually find myself wolfing down a bowl of porridge whilst trying to feed the baby, sort out the laundry, wash up, get the big kids up and on and get ready fo the day ahead. So I’m as grateful as anyone when the festive season rolls around and our mornings can be a little bit more laid back.

A slow-er morning means a cup of tea in bed {with some Furchester Hotel on the tablet for Beastie and I}, then we can stumble downstairs and enjoy a more leisurely breakfast. I still make up a pan of porridge to share with the baby, but I’ll follow it with a yummy gingerbread latte and a pain au chocolat whilst sitting on the sofa. Ah! The bliss of having five minutes to sit and enjoy a hot drink and snack!

Brioche Pasquier are a french bakery, started in 1936 that is based in a small village in the west of France. They make a delicious range of produce including pain au chocolat, pain au lait, croissants and a sliced brioche loaf. My littlest two girls love brioche and pain au chocolat, so we’ve stocked up on some for some extra tasty breakfasts over Christmas. They’re also perfect for a mid-morning snack – esp right now as the baby usually naps around 12pm so we eat a late lunch with him when he wakes up – we all need some elevenses to keep us going!

Festive breakfasts and brunches with Brioche Pasquier

One of my favourite snacks to have mid morning, is a toasted croissant filled with slices of Brie and some cranberry jelly. We don’t eat much cheese anymore, but come Christmas I can’t resist and fill the fridge full of my favourites! The girls have been enjoying slices of brioche spread with Nutella.

Festive breakfasts and brunches with Brioche Pasquier

I have a plan to make a bread and butter pudding with some of the sliced brioche [that’s if the girls don’t eat it all first!] I may have to make some homemade lemon curd first though!

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