Vega – 11 month update!

Vega - 11 months old

Errrrmm… 11 months! I’m already feeling a little {VERY} emotional at the thought of his impending birthday! He’s becoming a little more of a toddler every day and a little less of a baby. He’s so close to walking, he cruises around the house pretty well via the walls, or his funny little crawl. He often bum shuffles now as he’s realised that he can carry things around the house in one hand that way!

He’s a chatty little fella, and can make himself known pretty well. He loves loves loves to dance and listening to music.

His favourite toys right now are his rubber ducks in the bath and toy cars {which he pushes along saying ‘nee-nah’!}

He has learnt to clap a couple of weeks ago and thinks he’s so clever… he’ll look at each of us to make sure we’re clapping too whenever he claps! And he’ll be in the middle of something when he remembers he can clap and will drop whatever he is holding to clap. It’s funny to watch.

He’s teething [again] at the minute, coupled with a cold means we’re not sleeping that much… but he’s so cute he gets away with it!

He is still eating really well, likes pretty much everything and will try whatever you give him. He’s funny if he sees someone else eating as he’ll demand that they share with him!

I’m looking forward to his first Christmas, and we’re planning a little birthday party fro him with a few friends. I cannot believe that we’re only a month away from being 1! This year has gone far too fast for my liking… I think I’d like to do it all again please!

44 weeks old

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5 thoughts on “Vega – 11 month update!

  1. Aww, baby boy! I know this post was quite an emotional one for you and I appreciate how quickly this year must have gone for you. It seems to have flown by for me and I’m not even his mama! So much more good stuff to look forward to though xx

  2. Such a little cutie! I think it gets better and better. That’s what I tell myself if I start to mourn those tiny baby days – I loved the cuddles but didn’t love the lack of sleep! Baby Girl has started walking properly recently and it’s SO cute – I love that first drunken style walk they do when they’re still getting the hang of it. The last year has flown by hasn’t it?!

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