Hygee, cosy Autumn evenings and a Houseology Wishlist

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Autumn really feels like it’s arrived properly this week. It’s dark by dinner time, nd the past two days here in North Wales have been foggy, cold and damp. November is probably my least favourite month – though I’ve decided this year to embrace it and make the most of cold evenings and snnuggle up on the sofa. If you’ve read any of the same mainstream media as I have you’ve probably read about Hygge – the Danish word that roughly translates as ‘cosiness’ – but really it’s more than that – it’s about creating a warm atmosphere and enjoying the good things in life with good people.

After four months in our new house, it’s really beginning to feel like home. It’s been amazing having so much more space. I bought new sofa’s for our living room when we moved, but we’ve only really just started spending time in there. In the daytime we tend to be in the kitchen/diner and the playroom. Through the summer, we spend evenings in the garden or out on walks.

While we don’t watch a lot of TV, we’ve just splashed out on a new big screen TV – perfect for curling up and watching family movies – six of us sat around the laptop isn’t so good! Our living room is big, and doesn’t feel so cosy yet – I’m planning a little shopping trip soon to buy some new pieces to make it feel warmer and cosier.

I did a little window shopping on the Houseology¬†website over the weekend. It took me a lot of self-restraint to not put everything on the site straight into my shopping basket! They’ve just put up their Autumn/Winter Lookbooks and they are full of some really beautiful pieces. I picked out my favourite eight pieces to share on here.

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Our leather sofa’s are lovely – but a bit chilly to sit on! So I’m planning to buy some more throws to snuggle under when we sit and watch a movie. I really love this gorgeous throw blanket – I’m finding myself drawn more to classic, chic pieces than the brightly coloured items I used to go for. This looks like it would be warm and snuggly and will look great draped over the arm of the sofa in the day. Likewise this reindeer hide rug – I hate having cold toes and how warm does this look? I also thought that it would be nice for Vega to sit on and play – keep his little botty nice toasty warm!

We currently have an old wicker chair in the room, that to be honest has seen better days – this chair would make a great replacement and would be a great window seat to curl up on with a good book. I’m all about the baskets they’re great for keeping toys in, or throws, or piles of newspapers. These lidded baskets would make great side tables too, and the seagrass baskets are gorgeous – I’m thinking they’d be fab to tidy Vega’s blocks into or to keep my wool in.

I’ve been looking for a big, round mirror to hang over the fireplace and I’ve fallen a little bit in love with this gorgeous pearl one, I love using mirrors in a room to reflect the light around, and on the mantle place it looks lovely in an evening when there are candles flickering in these votives in front of it. I haven’t actually unpacked most of my ornaments since we moved, I’ve actually been enjoying having less ‘clutter’ out – but I’ve been looking for a couple of new ornaments and I love the simplicity of these stars.

I’m actually beginning to look forward to lots of cosy evenings in, candles burning, fairy lights twinkling, watching some classic movies with my favourite people.

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  1. November 3, 2015 / 14:11

    I’m a really summer gal, but there’s something so brilliant about snuggling up, all cosy, in the dark autumn evenings, isn’t there? Love this selection of bits- especially the baskets!

  2. November 3, 2015 / 20:35

    I am an autumn lover! Had the lamps on this afternoon as it was dark out at 3pm and it felt soooo cosy! Also had to laugh, we are a family of 6 without a tv so also spend movie afternoons huddled round the laptop!

  3. November 3, 2015 / 23:16

    Gorgeous picks. Many of these are items I’d choose too. I really want to get more mirrors in our house. Whenever we get into the darker months, I think that it would be great to reflect the light around the place a bit more.

  4. November 7, 2015 / 23:28

    I love the idea of hygge – those Danes know how to live! Love these home picks too – I really want a sheepskin rug for our lounge makeover – perfect for autumn! xx

  5. November 8, 2015 / 20:55

    These are such lovely picks! I went to Denmark a few weeks back and totally dig the hygge vibe now ;)

  6. November 30, 2015 / 06:22

    Good pictures!

    The fur (#7) looks so like a possum skin I wonder what it is?

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