Bedtime routines in our house

Someone asked me the other day what time our kiddos went to bed, and seemed surprised that they went so late. Right now, the three girls ‘go’ to bed around 9pm… they generally have some reading time, or play quietly in their rooms. Kiki and Baya are generally asleep by around 10pm-ish, and Lola usually pops her light out somewhere around then. Though there are later nights and earlier nights.

bedtime routine girls teeth brusing

The baby currently goes to bed at 10pm. I’d like to bring this forward, but despite all my best efforts right now that’s just not happening. I think having older kids means our household is active until late, plus we’re all night owls so things just happen later. I’d rather the kids were up later at night than getting up stupid early in the morning though. It’s also hard when the older kids have groups in the evenings, as I have to collect them if G is working so couldn’t have a baby in bed at 7pm when Guides doesn’t finish until almost 9pm for example.

I do try and keep some sort of routine though. Especially for the baby, so he knows what to expect.

Somewhere around half past 8/quarter to 9 we all end up upstairs. The girls potter around getting themselves sorted for bed. I’ll pop any laundry away that needs sorting, read Baya a story, feed the baby and close curtains etc.

vega bathtime toys

Then once the girls are sorted, Vega and I will head to the bathroom… he likes to sit and play with the bath toys on the floor while the bath is running, then he’ll have a splash and a wash for 10 minutes before we get out. We usually go and say our good nights to his sisters {in reality this means a crazy amount of giggling} then go get his PJ’s on.

girls reading bed

vega bath

We’ll sit and chat on my bed, he feeds quite a bit and then around quarter to ten I snuggle him up in his sleeping bag. He’s currently using a SlumberSac – it’s a 1.5 tog so I pop it on him most nights unless it’s super hot. It keeps him cosy and snug and putting it on signals to him that it’s time for bed! I love this sleeping bag in particular as it has a slot at the back to put pushchair/car seat harnesses through – great for late evenings out so you don’t have to disturb them getting them out of the car or pram. He usually falls asleep feeding, and I pop him into his cot.

vega slumbersac cosatto cot

Hopefully by this point the girls are at least quiet and snuggled down! I usually read or chat with the Mr for an hour before I crash out myself.

I’m planning on trying to change up his nap routine soon so that I can get him to bed a little earlier. I’m thinking that the darker evenings will help as we’re less likely to be out and about till late like we are at the moment!

What time do your kiddos go to bed?


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  1. September 1, 2015 / 23:06

    Hi Polly, that’s an interesting read – thanks for sharing with us all! Lovely pictures too! My just 10 yr old tends to go to be around 8ish, at the same time as my 5yr old, but then she’ll read in her room, or draw pictures, before switching her light off around 9.30pm. My youngest tends to be ready to sleep around 8 pm if I manage to get him in bed early, but usually it’s around half 8 when I’ve finished reading to him, then cuddle him until he’s asleep around 9pm. Would like to get him to bed earlier, but having light evenings makes it hard, as they still want to play until late. Maybe the winter may mean they get earlier nights….

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