Mums Know Best

Mums… we don’t like to admit that they actually do know what’s best when we’re teenagers. It’s often not until we become Mama’s ourselves that we realise that what they were saying really did make sense.

my mama and I

It’s something I find myself trying to explain to my eldest two. That I’m not saying things for no reason, that sometimes I actually do know what I’m talking about.

Here are some things that Mum’s really do know best about:

* Take your coat off when you’re inside – this used to drive me nuts…I mean, take your coat off so you feel the benefit when you go back outside?! Pffft… then one day I found myself saying it to my own child and realised that actually it was {shock horror} true.

* Sleep is good… Mum’s always seem to be harping on about neding lots of sleep and not staying up too late.. yada yada yada… I know with my kiddos that more sleep makes for less cranky children

* Eat your greens … when you’re little you’re pretty sure that anything green is poisonous and would much rather eat chocolate for breakfast, lunch and dinner. My kiddos probably get sick of hearing me say “eat your veg up”

The lovely folk at Littlewoods are running a #MumsKnowBest campaign, What’s one thing you realised that your Mum really did know best about?

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