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Summer sunshine always makes me more inclined to eat healthier. Salads are so much more appealing when the weather is warm aren’t they?! After a long winter of indulging {my excuse was breastfeeding a hungry baby!} I’m definitely ready for some healthier meals. I’ve been searching Pinterest for some inspiration so that I’m not eating the same boring salad every single day.

recently pinned summer salads

left to right

1// Morning, Noon or Night Salad
2// Herbed Quinoa Garden Veggie Salad
3// Tomato, cucumber, avocado salad.
4// Grilled Halloumi Salad with Mint Dressing
5// Grilled Chicken Shawarma Recipe
6// Grilled Chicken with Pineapple Avocado Salsa
7// Tomato and Roasted Lemon Salad
8// Purple Power Salad
9-// Roasted root vegetables with honey orange vinaigrette

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