Multi-Mam Review

I mentioned before that Multi-Mam Balm was one of my breastfeeding essentials in the first few weeks after Vega was born. I credit it with preventing me getting sore or chapped nipples at all this time around. The balm is totally safe for your baby, meaning it doesn’t need to be wiped off before you feed. It’s also not- sticky so doesn’t feel horrible at all. I started using it a day or so after Vega was born, and managed to avoid any of the soreness I’ve experienced in the past with my three girls. There is nothing worse than cracked, sore nipples, knowing that you will have to feed a baby and it’s going to hurt! I think the fact that it can be left on during breastfeeding, also means it helps to protect your nipples a little through a feed.

Multi-Mam Review

If you’ve already gotten cracked or sore nipples, Multi-Mam also make these amazing compresses. They contain a bio-active gel which helps to block bacteria, meaning your nipples can heal quicker – essential as they are always moist through feeding, it’s hard for them to heal. They also have pain relieving and moisturising properties.

Breastfeeding is an amazing thing to be able to do, the bond between mother and child is like no other. It’s not always plain sailing though, it can be an incredibly hard thing to do – as natural as it may be. These products can make a huge difference to your breastfeeding experience, and I truly think they could make the difference between someone persevering and being successful, and giving up.

Multi-Mam currently have an offer on – if you buy a pack of their Compresses, you get a free tube of Balm – you can purchase yours here.


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