Fighting Fraud

I have to admit, I’ve never given too much thought to fraud, to the thought that someone could steal my identity and empty our bank accounts. I’ve read articles online and heard the stories on the radio… and always just thought that it’s one of those things that happens to other people and would never happen to me.

Last year alone, fraud cost the UK more than £600m through different types of fraud including computer malware, identity theft, telephone banking and online shopping.

The NatWest have put together this tool, which takes you through the eleven most common types of fraud, giving you tips and tools on how to protect yourself against each of them.

I’ve always just kind of hoped that no-one would be interested in emptying my almost empty bank accounts or using my zero credit rated identity to try and steal mine, but really we should all be taking a little more care to stop fraud happening to us. I found this tool really useful, and picked up some great tips for protecting myself. Is fraud something that you have given much thought too or worry about?

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