The best ways to relax this autumn

The summer has finally finished, the kids are back to school and it is now the normal quiet during the day that you remember from before the madness of the past few months took its course. Now they’ve have gone back to school, it is time to reward yourself, you definitely deserve it!

There are a number of different ways to do this, which can be catered to your tastes and desires, just as long as it is something you enjoy and find relaxing!

Reward yourself

The most obvious (and fun) thing to do is buy yourself something amazing or something you’ve been lusting over for a long time. You may have had your eyes on a pair of shoes since the end of spring, or wanted a new phone ever since the new iPhone was released (despite the apparent bending). One choice is jewellery. Whether you’re male or female, a bit of bling can make you feel complete, and they often have sentimentality attached too.

With the clocks soon changing and more time on your hands, a watch is vital and also look good too. There are a great range of watches out there and have watches of every shape and style imaginable.

Watch Bake-off

The end of summer brought a new beginning for the 12 bakers taking part in the new series of Great British Bake Off and since then it has been lighting up our midweek evenings. Watching The Bake Off is a great way to relax on Wednesday nights, breaking up your work week, getting you over the Hump Day and giving you something to get invested in and watch every week. You can even try out some of the bakes yourself; choose your bake favourite from each week and make it before the next episode and see how yours compare to the contestants. Just make sure you leave some for when you watch the next episode; watching all of those cakes being baked and eaten is sure to make you hungry!


Go on a luxury spa day

An old favourite of many people and for good reasons, it is the ultimate way to relax and if you have not tried it yourself you definitely should. There are a number of different world professional spas in the UK to choose from and each will offer something unique. When deciding what spa to go to, location is obviously one of the most important factors, but you will also want to look at what kind of treatments and packages they have available so that you can make the most of your day. The typical treatments offered range in luxury and price from a simple manicure or pedicure to something more complicated like the Vichy rainforest massage available at the thermae bath spa. You could even book in a spa weekend to take the relaxation to the next level with a short break dedicated to the spa.


Freshen up with a day off

If like most people, you are now back at work after some time off over the summer to spend time with your kids, it is obviously slightly harder to find things to do that will relax you due to being somewhat limited to the evenings and weekends.

Although you can carry out the other ideas mentioned during these times it would be much easier, and relaxing, to have an entire day dedicated to relaxing alone. Richard Branson has recently said he thinks we should all be given the freedom to have a day off every now and then if we choose. What a tempting thought!

Taking a day off work to have a long weekend, or to break up the week if you’d prefer, could be just what you need to feel refreshed. You may not be able to take a day off for whatever reason but if you can simply dedicate a day to relaxing and not really doing much in particular, it will really work wonders on any stress or tiredness that has built from working five days a week. Just be honest with your boss, don’t try and use any rubbish excuses!


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