Earl Grey Cupcakes

lemon earl grey cakes

I had the urge for some cakes at the weekend, something not too sweet and a little bit different. I used to hate Earl Grey Tea. I remember once as a child visiting family friends, and they gave me a cup of it and I thought it was the most disgusting thing ever! Fast forward a few years, and it’s my favourite kind of tea now. Earl Grey goes perfectly with the lemon in these cupcakes, and I used coconut sugar in place of refined sugar. Papa didn’t like the idea of Earl Grey Cupcakes at all, but I thought they were delicious!

earl grey lemon cakes

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33 thoughts on “Earl Grey Cupcakes

  1. I am a huge Earl Grey fan and a cake fan so these are just perfect! I haven’t heard of coconut sugar I will have to look out for it as it sounds really interesting

  2. I know your other half didn’t like the idea but I think they sound amazing, dreamy in fact!!! I am going to have to try these – really up my street :)

    Laura x

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