Valentine’s DIY – Button Heart Card

I much prefer to handmake cards than just buy one in a shop. It’s true that it’s the thought that counts, so your card doesn’t have to be a masterpiece! You could find an image that you like online, print it out and collage a card….. Or you could use a photo of you and your love and doodle over it… Draw a picture.. Or try my DIY!

 What you need:
Printout of my template


 First step is to download and printout the template I made. PDF file is here to download. Print it double sided on one piece of cardstock (whatever colour you fancy!)

Fold the card in half, then draw a heart lightly in pencil.
Choose buttons to make the heart shape


When you’re happy with your heart, glue the buttons down


Bingo! One cute Valentine’s card :)

3 thoughts on “Valentine’s DIY – Button Heart Card

  1. Oh, this is so cute! And I think my daughter would love to help with it. :) Did you get your dress yet? I am starting to worry! I mailed it a week ago on Monday. Let me know. Have a wonderful day, dear!

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