How to Use Social Media for Your Career Growth

Gone are the days when social media was merely for memes or personal sentiments. Yahoo Finance reports that 48% of job hunters used social media platforms to search for their most recent jobs. Though LinkedIn is the most popular social media platform for job hunters, career experts point out that Facebook is also useful for finding hyperlocal jobs. Meanwhile, Twitter hashtags can be used by those looking to be hired for certain positions in niche industries.

There’s a world of possibilities that can happen to your career, especially if you know how to use social media right. To achieve greater career growth, here are some smart tips that can help you get noticed on social media:

Create a profile that aligns with your professional brand

You can experience success on social media, especially if you have a well-curated profile.

Unfortunately, it can be overwhelming for many to set up a profile, keep up with posts, and create original content that aligns with their professional brand. To make this process easier, you can sign up to our Social Media Management services that can set up profiles and cover all forms of communication in a tone that fits your profession or business. This service establishes the foundations of your professional brand to ensure that your account aligns with the interests of industry leaders and your target consumers.

Showcase your skills and knowledge to the community

Social media platforms are avenues that can help you tap into a global audience.

So if you want to gain recognition from different parts of the world, you can copy influencers who are showcasing their knowledge and skills through informative content. Mehar Sindhu Batra, a senior consultant at Moorhouse, was able to garner nearly 400,000 followers by sharing interview strategies with her audience. Though Batra admits that the content she’s sharing is nothing unusual, she is able to gain credibility online through her honest video formats and insightful career advice.

Strengthen your career network through social media

Sharing your knowledge is one way of increasing your engagement and attracting possible followers.

However, Susan Baushke, a career transition coach at LHH, states that you can further strengthen your network and build your credibility by acknowledging the source of the knowledge that you’re sharing. You can reference your sources by tagging their social media handle on your posts or by simply sending an instant message to professionals who have helped you in your career. Baushke says that creating this positive feedback loop will get the attention of the experts you cited and forge greater network connections.

Leverage social media information for your job search

Social media is not just for establishing your professional brand and network. In fact, many workers are starting to use social media platforms to learn about their dream company or industry.

study on Using Social Media During Job Search reveals that jobseekers connect with organisations and join career groups to consume content that can be used for their job search. Through these contents, jobseekers can stay updated about job openings, as well as the recent projects and management changes in the company. These pieces of information give them a head start, so they can demonstrate their knowledge and interest in the company during job interviews.

Social media platforms can pave the way for better career opportunities. By maximising the functions of social media networks, you can explore strategies that can gain the attention of industry leaders and the public.

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