A Mindful Solstice

If you’re signed up for my newsletter, you’ll have had this months email arrive this morning, with a beautiful Solstice Ritual for you to do today. If you don’t feel called to that ritual, perhaps you don’t normally celebrate the Solstice, or it doesn’t feel right for you, there are still ways you can mindfully observe the shortest day of the year.

Greet the day

It may be the shortest day of the year, with the least amount of sunlight, but we can still welcome in the light. Take five minutes when you first wake up to stand outside. Breathe in the crisp winter air. Give thanks to the sun, to the birds for their song, for the breeze, for a new day, for darkness and for light.

Stretch Your Body

If yoga is your thing, hop on your mat for some sun salutations, waking up your body and being thankful for the warmth and light of the sun. If yoga doesn’t do it for you, stretch however feels good. After a nights sleep, a stretch is the perfect way to wake up the body and shake off the night.

Write it out

Dust of your journal, and let the words flow. Either using some prompts {from my newsletter or my Patreon}, or just free writing. Let the words come from within, and use them to explore how you are feeling and where you are at right now.

Take a walk

Wrap up warm and get outdoors. Soak up some Vitamin D, fill your lungs full of fresh air and get the blood moving around your body. Stop and notice all that is around you – the scents and sounds, any animals and plants that you see. Take some time to reconnect to the world around you.

Pour a brew

Pop the kettle on, and brew yourself a cup of herbal tea. I love these herbal blends from Of The Forest, or a calming cup of Chamomile to soothe my soul in the midst of this hectic time of year.

Light a candle

Candles are integral to most of my rituals, but even outside of ritual use, they offer such warmth and glowing light in this darkest time of the year. Have a candle burning whilst you eat your evening meal makes it feel that little more magical, or try bathing by candle light.

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