Weekend Reflections

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Happy Easter Weekend. My kiddos are excited – chocolate is always a winner! We’re having our annual egg hunt tomorrow morning, and then a day of eating and family.

I’ve given myself a few days off work, it’s nice to switch off and not think about things {well, in theory – I find in my ‘off time’ I usually come up with a gazillion ideas so I’m busy jotting them all down} I’m spending my days off spring cleaning the house, it feels like the perfect time to get organised and tidied around after winter, dusting away the metaphorical cobwebs and letting some fresh air in.

I’ve whirlwinded through most of the house yesterday and today, there is really only the playroom left to do. That is Monday’s job, as I’m planning a big sort out and a move around of all the furniture. I love a good room re-organise!

This week has been such a good week. I’ve been busier than ever, taken on new clients and have been attacking all those limiting beliefs I’ve held for years. I’m definitely on a roll at the minute.

For this afternoon, I’m enjoying some sunshine in my garden, potting up the plants I got for my birthday {I lucked out and got a Camelia, Magnolia, and a Peony}, planting some bulbs for later in the year, potting up the tomato seedlings and playing with Oren before all the other kiddos get back home.

Have a good weekend xx

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