Knowing when to rest

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My to-do list is usually a mile long, and it’s seemingly impossible to find the end. There was a time when I’d work and work, never stopping. I realise now that part of that was my anxiety – keeping busy left no space in my mind for it to take hold.

Now, though, I find myself learning to rest. To pause. To down tools and do nothing. WIthout feeling guilty.

As a busy working Mama, with kiddos home 24/7 and working from home too, I work crazy hours – I’ll work through nap time, whilst nursing the little one to sleep, late at night, early in the morning, when they’re at their Dad’s.

Sometimes though, I know that what I need is to rest. Forget the to-do list and take some time for me.

Last night for example, the little ones were all out, and I knew I had about 3 hours of work time ahead of me. It had been a long day, starting with a client call at 8.30am. My brain was overloaded already and my body felt tight and stressed.

About two hours in, I said ‘enough’. Put away my worked, switched the laptop off and hopped in the hot tub. Glass of wine, bar of chocolate and book in hand.

Soaked away the day for half an hour, came out feeeling amazing. Mind-dumped all the things I needed to do/remmber/work on/think about so my mind was clear. WHen the little ones came home, I felt reneweed -instead of them getting tired, stressed Mama for bedtime, they got Mama who could happily read some stories, listen to what thye had to tell me and spend a little time with them.

Nothing is more important that you. Taking time to just be is vital for our mental wellbeing. Switching off and relaxing actually make us more productive when we are working.

Do you take time to rest?

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