Oren Sage Malachi – 16 week update

16 weeks. Oh boy ♥ Oren is such a little love. He’s a super smily boy, loves to chatter with us and be a part of whatever is going on around him!

He’s still not sleeping through {all of his siblings were by now}. He wakes pretty much every two hours still. He’s usually down for around half nine, and starts the night in his sleepyhead pod. Wake up times vary – sometimes it’s 11, sometimes 1 for the first one. Some nights he’ll settle back in his pod, others I just snuggle him in with me. He fees two or three times, then has a feed at 7 and cuddles me until he wakes up at 8. If the little ones are still in bed, I relish that hour to read in peace!

He’s been taking a huge interest in people eating the past week or two. Watching food from plate to mouth, trying to reach out and grab things from my hands! I think he will love food when he’s big enough to eat!

This month Oren:

* loves morning snuggles in bed with Mama
* giggles if you blow a raspberry on his belly, make him ‘fly’ or sing row, row, row your boat
* decided he doesn’t want to lie down – he wants to be sat up all the time!
* loves chewing his fingers, and anything else he can get into his mouth.
* loves splashing in the bath
* doesn’t really like sitting in the pram!
* has 4 pretty regular naps in the daytime
* has started showing a huge interest in what we are eating
* loves when his sisters and brother play with him
* still loves to sleep on Mama sometimes in the day!

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