Three Good Things

Hey there! Monday morning, and I’m popping in with my #threegoodthings. I’ve been a little quiet on here the past couple of weeks, sometimes the thoughts are so jumbled in my brain, that I just can’t get them down in any order that would make sense. It’s been a mega stressful couple of weeks, but the past few days I’ve been trying to calm the anxiety in my brain down, trying to remember that everything will work out, that there is no point worrying about things that haven’t even happened yet. My brain likes nothing more than coming up with fifty worse-case scenarios leaving me feeling more stressed than ever.

So, while I’m trying to sort my head out, I’m taking five minutes to remember some of the good things in life right now:

* FAMILY TIME ~ one constant in my life is my kiddos, and when times are tough then I make sure to appreciate every moment we have together, spending time one-or-one or all of us together, playing games, chatting, baking, watching a movie.

* SMOOTHIES ~ I’ve gotten back into the habit of making myself a smoothie everyday this last week. I’d noticed how rubbish my diet had gotten, and how easy it is to reach for the biscuit barrel when the mid-afternoon munchies hit. So I’ve been making delicious smoothies that are packed full of goodness to stave off the sugar cravings and fill me up until dinner time

* ART ~ somewhere in the last 8 months, I’ve fallen off the path of taking time to be creative. I’d gotten caught up in life and my hobbies had fallen by the wayside. But being creative is more than just something I do for fun, it’s a therapy of sorts for me, a way of sorting through the jumbled mess of thoughts in my head, of soothing the raging anxiety and lifting my mood when it’s low.

What are your #threegoodthings – I’d love to hear them!

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