New Year goal setting with your children and free printables

New Year goal setting with your children

I love setting goals each New Year, much preferring them to resolutions which always seem set for you to fail at! Goals give me something to work at over the course of the year, I’ll set goals in different areas of my life – fitness, work, family, creativity, etc and break them down into achievable results.

Goal setting is a great idea for children too, giving them chance to think about what it is they want to achieve and work out ways that they can smash their goals. I sat down with my kiddos this past weekend for a family goal setting day. I had them review last year first, I made them a printable sheet to fill in which are great for keeping and looking back when they’re older too!

New Year goal setting with your children

Once we had reviewed the last year, I had them think of their five most important categories – as mine are home educated, one of their categories was ‘learning’ which gives them the opportunity to take control of their education. I also put down ‘family’ and ‘self’ as categories, then left the other two open for their own suggestions – no surprise that Kiki and Baya chose gymnastics as one of theirs!

We had fun coming up with lots of goals for the year and figuring out ways they could achieve them. I thought I’d share the sheets I made for you to use with your kiddos – just click on the images below to download your free printable PDFs.


I’d love to hear what goals your kiddos set!


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