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The girlies and I took a trip back to Lincoln this past weekend to spend sometime with family. We all seem to live so far apart, that we don’t see each other very often – and it is even rarer that we all get together at the same time! My brother and his wife were over from America, so we all met back up at my Papa’s. My other brother had a bonfire on Saturday night, it was the perfect occasion for us all to get together.

My girls were VERY excited to be spending the weekend with their cousins. They had a great time together all weekend long, and I loved having some time to catch up with brothers & sisters, aunties and uncles… some family members that I haven’t seen for years.

It was a bit of a wet bonfire night, and Miss Baya decided she really didn’t like the fireworks, so the two of us spent most of Saturday night reading books in Uncle James house! The big girls stayed by the fire, running around with the cousins and drinking pop ;) Sunday we all headed to a local pub for Sunday lunch {I finished mine off with a slice of pumpkin pie}.

We had a long train ride home on Monday – it’s never as fun traveling on the way home is it? My kiddos were sad to say goodbyes, and are begging me to move to Kent so to be closer to their cousins!

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  1. Mummygadgetgeek

    November 12, 2013 at 22:01

    Looks like you had a fun family gathering! Great photos :)

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