Word for 2012/accent vlog

i’ve been thinking and thinking over the past cdouple of weeks, but i hadn’t come up with my word for 2012. then, last night i was reading krsyten’s blog – why girls are weird and saw the accent vlog she’d posted. when this was going around last year, i wanted to play along but chickened out.i decided there and then to record my own, that this was something i had to do – fight the fear.

and then it hit me – my word for the year is


so – please be kind – i hate myself on video {and it was late at night, so i look tired lol} !!! two of my kiddos came to play too

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12 thoughts on “Word for 2012/accent vlog

  1. OMG! I love y’all’s accents!! So cute! And “trainers” and “trolley”?! Eeek! Seriously, you guys sound SO much more sophisticated then us Southerns!!!

  2. wow, what a gorgeous vlog, you are sooo brave :)
    I really wish I was brave enough to do one but I have a broad northern accent lol
    you are one BEAUTIFUL family :)

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