How to Decorate a Small Space

Is your dream home a huge mansion with nineteen bedrooms each with a private ensuite?

No! Me neither, think of all the cleaning you would have to do?

Instead, I dream of a small living space, it’s far more affordable and practical.

But how do you decorate it so that it doesn’t feel like you are living inside a box?

Decorating a small space can feel like entering the world of Mission Impossible! You want to fit in as much as you can, but you also want to be able to stretch your legs out on that sofa.

Here are several tips to help you get the best results in your tiny space.

  • Choose the right sofa

Choosing the best sectionals for small spaces can enable you to fit in a large sofa. Pick neutral colours to help to lighten up the space and you can incorporate a fold-out bed if you often expect guests to be staying over.

  • Choose storage furniture that does not take up much space

Let your room height be your friend. Select shelving units that go up high rather than spread wide. Also, think of shelving that hangs off the walls rather than taking up floor space.

  • Think built-in

Like the fold-out bed within the sofa, also think about beds with drawers’ underneath, a wardrobe with a flat top to it so you can stack more items above it. Nesting tables where two smaller tables fit inside the largest one, great for guests to sit their coffee cups on. A coffee table with drawers is another handy choice.

  • Do not squeeze your furniture close together

If possible, pull furniture away from walls and have space between items.

  • Wall lights save space

Too many items placed on the floor create a cluttered appearance in a small space. Instead of standing lamps use wall-mounted lamps to save space.

  • Choose light colours for your walls

Light colours tend to work best, stick to pale colours like white, cream, and grey because they give a room a light, airy and open feel.

  • Choose a warm colour for a feature wall

A rich warm colour painted behind your sofa can supply a relaxing feel without making the room feel smaller

  • Mirror, Mirror on the wall

You can instantly create the feeling of space by including a large mirror covering most of the area on one wall. This creates the illusion of space by reflecting light and the interior décor.

  • Make maximum use of lighting

Use at least three different lights, each located at different heights.

  • Ditch the curtains, think blinds

Blinds fit within the window frames and can now come with heat-saving designs. This makes them just as effective as curtains in terms of keeping heat trapped in the room but takes up far less space.

  • Use that space under the stairs

You could fit cupboards or built-in shelving.

  • Display your interesting objects

Don’t hide away your favourite belongings. Have a shelf placed in a prominent area of a wall above the sofa, and put up those graduation certificates, family photos, favourite quotes, or objects.

There are so many ways to decorate a small space to make it feel much bigger and create the affordable, practical, and minimal maintenance home of your dreams.

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