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One of the things on my to-do list is to sort out passport photos for all of us. I’ve put it off for the last year, as there was no point whilst we couldn’t travel. In reality, it might not be the year for traveling for us either, but I’m hopeful that it won’t be too long before we can go abroad.

With six of us needing passports, asides from the cost, there is also the stress of having photographs taken to think about. It’s not so bad with myself and the older children, but for the younger ones getting a photo that ticks all the boxes isn’t so straightforward. I could use a photo booth, but I’d probably end up with a whole load of unsuitable photos. There is also the option of going into a photography studio, so we know that the end result will be usable. That option gets expensive when there are six of us needing photos taking.

I could take the passport photos myself, but it is tricky to make sure that they will pass. I remember taking my own photos for my driving license and I had to take so many before I got one that I thought would be acceptable. A good option is to use a passport photo app – this gives you the reassurance that your photos will be accepted.

Thankfully, there is now the option to use a website to take your photos. You either upload a photo or take a photo through the site. It uses AI to analyse the photo, ensuring that it fits all the criteria for a passport/ID photo, crops it, and removes the background! I think this is the best option, especially for a passport photo for a baby. It takes the stress out of getting a suitable photo and saves you a trip to a photography studio.

They also offer a guarantee that the photo will be accepted, if it isn’t, they refund you twice the price you paid! You can’t say fairer than that! The site itself is straightforward to use, they also have apps on both Android and Apple, making it even easier to organise your passport photos without having to leave your home.

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