Weekend Reflections

Saturday again. Another week done and dusted. It’s flown by yet felt like three weeks all at once. I’ve felt a bit better at having balanced work/life/sleep this week.

I even had one night when I think Oren slept through…. I could be wrong, but I woke up at 6am on the same side of the bed as I went to sleep on, and I have no recollection of waking up that night. Maybe I fed him without remembering, but still… I felt like I’d slept. The night after was awful so no hope of it becoming regular just yet.

Life seems to have hit a good patch lately, I’m grateful for all the hard work I’ve put in to get us to this place. SO much soul searching and inner work has happened, times when I’ve felt like there was no way up, yet I’ve made it out of the mud and to the other side. Life is full of possibilities, I can see it all opening up, finally. I feel like I’ve become a whole new person, or maybe just who I was all along. With the anxiety and depression gone, without the need for barriers or pretence. I am just me. The me I was always meant to be. The me who got lost, and hidden behind trying to be who others wanted me to be.

The future looks brighter than ever, and I can look on the past {mostly} with an appreciation for the lessons learned rather than the struggles I went through.

I’m at a friend’s wedding today. One we didn’t think we’d be able to celebrate on the day. So grateful that they have found a way, I’m so excited to be a part of their day and wish them well for the future. Also incredibly excited about having an actual social event to dress up for and go to! Plus an excuse to drink Prosecco in the day and catch up with friends.

I’m hoping to get some time to write this weekend. I have a few articles I pitched for magazines in need of writing, and my weeks get so busy with client work and blog work I haven’t had a chance yet. A movie night with Lola tonight, a drive out with my Mama and Oren tomorrow… and maybe a picnic and river walk with the kiddos on Monday if it is nice enough.

What does your bank holiday weekend look like?

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