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While I co-sleep with my babies, I do like to have somewhere ‘safe’ to put them to sleep if I’m not in bed with them. Be it in the evening before I go to bed, in the morning or for daytime naps. I was kindly gifted this gorgeous Mokee Wool Nest for Oren, and it’s been the perfect spot for him to nap.

The Mokee Wool Nest is stylish –ย  you can get a choice of coloured handles, the stand is a gorgeous colour, and the nest itself looks very sleek. It’s a sturdy bed, that comes flat-packed {meaning it can easily be flat packed away after you’ve finished with it if you wish to store it for future babies}, is easy to assemble and washable – by purchasing a liner, which is a great option as we all know babies equal mess!

I’m really pleased with the nest, especially over the more traditional Moses Baskets that I had with the other kiddos. It’s easily moved, which is great if I need to move him around with me in the day, or want to pop the nest in the living room so he’s close by – or even the garden when we’re all out having fun!

It’s not the cheapest option at ยฃ124.90 for the nest and stand BUT it is fantastic quality, will last several children and looks so good! I also really like the fact that it flat packs, as it would be easy to take away with you rather than a travel cot in those first few months.

We were gifted the Mokee Wool Nest in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.

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