Five ways to sneak in some ‘Me Time’

For many parents, half term can be a stressful time, trying to find fun {and inexpensive} ways to keep the kiddos entertained. While three of my kiddos are home 24/7, half-term for me means that we also add a teenager into the mix all day long. Three tween/teen girls in one house can leave for some explosive situations – add to that a three year old and you have mayhem!

We usually have a few days out, and catch up with friends that we don’t get to see much of in term time, but I also like to balance it with days at home. We’ll bake, or the kids will craft, we’ll play some board games and watch a movie or two.

It’s also really important to take a few little breaks for me, making sure I fit in some relaxation time and find ways to chill out and find five minutes peace. I think it’s good for kiddos to have times when they are left to entertain themselves, to have unplanned and unorganised time to just play, read or do whatever they want. These are the perfect opportunities to sneak in a little Mama Time.

Here are my five favourite ways to sneak in some me time when the kids are around:


I usually start my days with some yoga practice, while the rest of the house is still asleep. But if it’s been a stressful day, or I’m feeling a little overwhelmed from the kiddos, I’ll grab even twenty minutes in the daytime to get on my bat. It always leaves me feeling more relaxed and patient!


One of my favourite ways to indulge myself is a daytime bath. It always feels so luxurious, and like I’m playing hooky! I’ll light a couple of candles, burn some incense and fill the bath with bubbles and hot water. If I’m tired, or run down, or just feeling a little blue, a soak in the bath always makes me feel better. I’ll pop on a good mud face mask, wash my hair and put on a deep conditioner, shave my legs {nothing beats the Venus + Olay razors for silky smooth legs! I tend to get dry, irritated legs when I shave, but this one leaves them feeling amazing}


I always have at least one book on the go, and if I only have five minutes to grab some me time, I’ll pour a cuppa, grab my book and sit on the back doorstep for a quick breather.


I love the mindfulness I find when I’m colouring in. I can totally zone out of whatever else is going on around me, and colour for hours. This is one of my favourite things to do if I can’t get away from the kiddos for me time, as I can do it whilst watching a movie with them and it’s almost meditative.


If there is someone else in the house to watch the kiddos, then I’ll wrap up warm and head out for a walk. Sometimes I’ll put some music or a podcast on to listen too, other times I’ll just walk in silence. Five minutes or thirty – a stretch of my legs and some fresh air always perks me back up! That quiet time to think is so very much appreciated too.


What are your favourite ways to find some ‘me time’?


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