Celebrating World Book Day with Asda George


My kiddos have been pondering for the last week or two what they’d like to dress up as this World Book Day. We’re all big book lovers, and I love the premise of World Book Day – anything that encourages a love of books in kids is a good idea I think.

Still undecided this morning, we popped into our local ASDA store to check out the George World Book Day range instore.  I was amazed at how great a range they actually had, so many different costumes there would be something to appeal to every child quite easily – they get a 5 for the variety on offer!. If you’re still looking for a last minute costume, many stores like the Wrexham one, including Patchway have a great range of World Book Day costumes in stock – it’s worth a visit!


Kiki and Baya were very excited walking in, the display of costumes was bright and eye-catching, just inside the main entrance. I loved the attention to detail, the signpost and the display of books that were incorporated. We spent a good ten minutes checking out all of the different costumes and trying to decide which one was their favourite!

wbd-roald-dahl-costumes wbd-kiki

There were costumes ranging from Harry Potter to Roald Dahl, Gangsta Granny to Woody from Toy Story – I began to wish that they made some of them in adult sizes too!

Kiki’s choice was easier – once she spotted the Harry Potter costumes, her mind was made up {though she had to change houses to Slytherin as there were no Hufflepuff ones}. From a Mum’s point of view, I thought it was wonderful that the costume came with a few added extras – in this case, a Hogwarts ticket and a wand. Priced at £16 I thought it was excellent value for money, especially given how good a quality it is. So often, children’s dressing up costumes are flimsy, made from cheap fabric and poorly stitched – but that is definitely not the case with these ones.


It took Baya a little while longer to pick her costume, as a big fan of Roald Dahl stories she was torn between a Matilda costume and the Veruca Salt one. In the end, she opted for Veruca Salt {I think the shawl and wig swayed her}. Happy with their choices, we quickly paid before they could change their minds.


They could barely wait to get home to try their costumes on – they passed the kiddo test and given their excellent value for money and the fantastic quality of them, they pass the Mama test too.

wbd-hogwarts-ticket wbd-kiki-harry-potter-costume wbd-veruca-salt wbd-asda-george-costumes

Are your kids excited for World Book Day tomorrow? Have they got their costumes sorted yet? It made my life so much easier being able to choose a costume from the ASDA George range for World Book Day – while I’d love to be that Mama that makes every costume herself, realistically that isn’t going to happen, so having such an excellent choice of costumes on offer makes my life much less stressful and the kiddos happy too.


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  1. March 6, 2018 / 18:01

    Can’t believe we missed World Book Day! Hope the cute costumes made the celebration splendid <3 Xoxo, K&E

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