A family meal plan for February


I’m back with another month of what we’ll be eating! February is a short month, but having just changed my calendar over this morning, it’s looking mighty busy! I’ll be making the most of easy meals, fast prep meals or things that can be made ahead of time!

I’ve said it before BUT having a meal plan makes life so much easier! Of course, there are days that get swept to one side – last minute plans, unexpected guests or just simply wanting something different to eat. For the most part, knowing in a morning what I am cooking that evening makes my life less stressful. I can often find some time to prep a meal ahead of time – some meals can even be made the day before, fantastic if we are going to be out all day long.

I’ve tried weekly meal planning, but personally, I prefer monthly – mainly as then I only have to do it once a month instead of four times!

As always, meals are what will feed us all – one vegan, two vegetarians, and two meat eaters. If we’re having sausages, then I’ll give Kiki and Beastie the option of meat sausages. I always do several various vegetable side dishes so there is something that suits everyone. So, here is what we’ll be eating this month:

~ Spaghetti, Corn Cobs, Garlic Bread

~ Homemade Pizzas

~ Sweet Potato Wedges, Falafel, Mexican ‘Slaw

~ Roast Dinner

~ Vegan Quiche

~ Taco’s, Rice

~ Crispy Tofu, Sweet Potato Mash

~ Sausages, Mash, Veg

~ Butternut Squash Soup

~ Fajitas, Onion Rings, Guac, Salad

~ Picky Dinner

~ Gnocchi, Pesto, Roast Veg

~ Chilli & Rice. PANCAKES!!

~ Jacket Potatoes

~ Ratatouille, Pasta

~ Chinese Takeaway {for Chinese New Year}

~ Buddha Bowls

~ Picky Dinner

~Tomato and Lentil Soup

~ Pesto Pasta

~ Veg Burgers, Wedges, Salad

~ Scramble + Sausages Wraps

~ Curry, Naan, Rice

~ Fettuccine Alfredo

~ Picky Dinner

~ Veg Stew, Yorkshire Puddings

~ Stir Fry, Rice

~ Cauliflower Hash Browns, Veg + Lentil Nuggets, Smokey Beans

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