A New Year Detox

new year detox with ortis pureplan detox

After indulging over the festive season {think spiced rum and violet creams}, I decided to give my body a little helping hand at detoxing come the New Year. While my diet had still be pretty good over Christmas, I could feel the difference of a few weeks of more sugar and alcohol than my body is used to these days. I felt a little sluggish, my skin was a little dull and spotty and I was tired.

I received a bottle of Ortis Pureplan Detox, an organic 10-day plan helps cleanse the body from the inside out, to help improve digestion and liver and kidney function. It contains a super-charged blend of 8 different plant extracts which help support the bodies detoxification process. These include:

  • Artichoke and birch, which support liver function
  • Dandelion, green tea and birch, which support the cleanse and detox function of the kidneys
  • Tamarind, a natural source of fibre which promotes intestinal transit
  • Fennel, which supports digestion
  • Wild pansy, which contributes to a clear complexion

You dilute 15ml of the product in 1.5l of water, and drink through the day. They also recommend cutting out {or down} caffeine, sugar and alcohol. I don’t drink caffeine anyway {except one cup at the end of December that the coffee shop gave me instead of decaff – I felt awful for almost an hour!}, I cut refined sugars back out of my diet for the ten days and I decided to do dry January as I barely drink anyway, and it seemed a good idea!

new year detox with ortis pureplan detox

The biggest bonus I found to having the detox product in it, was I drank it all – the last few months I’ve been awful at drinking enough pure water throughout the day – way too much {decaff} tea and coffee. I felt the benefits of all that extra water pretty quickly.

I also cut out any processed foods and focused on eating lots of whole grains, beans, fruit, and vegetables – which is my normal diet 90% of the time anyway. After ten days I felt really good – my energy levels have gone back up, my skin has cleared up, I’ve been sleeping better and just generally feeling better. I’ll certainly be using Ortis Pureplan Detox again – they recommend doing a ten-day detox every three months – it’s a great way to give your body a helping hand to reboot itself.

Pureplan Detox £14.35, 150ml. Available from Holland and Barratt, Tesco. Visit for more information and where to buy.

Post in collaboration with Pureplan Detox. All thoughts and opinions my own.

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