Review | Project Mc2 Experiment Doll

My middle two girls both love Project Mc2, it’s a great show that encourages girls to be strong and smart. Kiki has reviewed their experiment dolls before, so she was super excited to be sent this new Project Mc2 Experiment Camryn doll, with a make your own nail varnish project!

The dolls are all dressed up for a Masquerade ball, Camryn has a dragon dress, has ice white hair and wears dragon wings and a Masquerade mask!  The kid also comes with a hammer, excavator, funnel and comb, designed to help you make your own nail varnish. You need some additional items that do not come with any of the Project Mc2 Experiments with Dolls sets. This particular set requires an eyeshadow and clear nail polish.

The instructions are easy to follow, and the experiment worked perfectly. The back of the box gives you the why’s so you know the science behind the experiment.

The kits are great for kids 6 plus, they keep them entertained and educated! You can purchase the dolls at Amazon.


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