Friday Finds

Friday Finds

Happy Friday! The kiddos and I were meant to be heading off today for a visit to friends on the coast today. We’d hoped for a weekend away from reality, but the kiddos have dress rehearsals for a gymnastic show they don’t want to miss, so we’re planning a longer visit over New Year instead.

Did you get snow last week? We were all so excited to finally have snow, it’s been at least four years since we had a proper snowfall – maybe even five? So Beastie had never seen it until the past weekend. We made the most of it, wrapped up warm and dug the sledges out of the shed. There’s a park just around the corner from us with the best hills for sledging down. We had an amazing time, hurtling down the hills and making giant snowballs! Also doesn’t some snow make everything look so beautiful? The view from my bedroom window was so much prettier than the usual grey view this time of year! The snow also left us feeling super festive.

Next week is pretty busy here with Christmas prep as well as those gym shows four nights in a row. I’m trying to get ahead of myself and caught up on work, so I can switch right off for a couple of weeks over Christmas and New Year, I’m in need of a little online break I think.

I love this article on breastfeeding beyond babyhood – Beastie and I are still going strong at almost three years, and he shows no signs of being ready to wean yet!

How pretty are these lace clay dishes? I think I need to make some of these soon!

I got a new tattoo last weekend too!

I’m joining in with the PopSugar 2018 Reading Challenge – are you?

I have a love/hate relationship with Facebook, and when my Mental Health is struggling I usually delete it for a while- this is an interesting article on how the more you use facebook, the worse you feel

I loved this article on what Self-Care really is – for me, it’s about setting boundaries, doing the things that are good for my mental health – working out, eating healthily, reducing time with people who don’t make me feel good.

These vegan recipes from Waitrose all look so delicious! Which to make first…

Make 2018 a self-care year 

I listened to a podcast this week on the Think Feel Act Cycle – the podcast was using it to take a break from drinking, but it could be applied toanythingn you want/need to change.

If you’re having a bad day watch this

Have a great weekend ?

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  1. Thank you! I started reading (novels) late and the choice of books is overwhelming. I have read through as many classics as I can remember so the popsugar link is brilliant. Love these links, I rarely have time or attention to scour the net myself.
    Merry Christmas Polly and family, and wishing you a happy and healthy new year????

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