Gift Guide: Tweens/Teens

Gift Guide: Tweens/Teens


Today we’re looking at gifts for those teens and tweens. While a lot of tweens and teens, I’m sure are asking for technology this Christmas {I know one of mine is hoping to find a phone shaped package under the tree this year!}, I like to look for presents that encourage them to be creative, express themselves and get away from the screens!

Pineapple desk lamp – perfect to brighten up a desk, this quirky lamp is sure to be a hit. £9.99 from Find me a Gift

Welsh Rugby T-Shirt – if you have a sport loving teen, one of these great tees is a fab gift idea {they also have other countries tops as well as various football teams} £18 from TOFFS

7th Heaven pamper pack – these great value for money pamper products from 7th Heaven are perfect for teen girls, from 7th Heaven

Polaroid string photo frame – if your teen is like mine, they take A LOT of photos! This polaroid string photo frame is a great way to display them. £14.99 from Find me a Gift

Scented candle – both my big girls love to have candles burning – these scented ones look great and smell gorgeous too! £36 from Wax Lyrical

Bluetooth speaker – ideal to connect to a phone, so they can play Spotify out loud {hopefully not too loud!} £22.99 from Find me a Gift

Rainbow roller skates – these retro roller skates are great for encouraging your teen to put the screen down and get some fresh air! £44.95 from

Star wars pen – If you have a Star Wars fan, then one of these Sheaffer Roller Ball Pens will let them do their studying in style. £16 from Cult Pens

Zelda triforce light – If you have a gamer on your hands, then this Zelda triforce light will earn you some serious brownie points £19.99 from Find me a Gift

Derwent Graphik Line Maker – for your budding artist, these Graphik Line Makers make a great gift idea.  £4.95 from Amazon

Novella Nostalgia series – these novellas, which link iconic cinema classics with modern stories are great to encourage your kiddo to do some reading. £5.97 from Amazon

Things to do instead of playing on your phone – looking to encourage your teen to put down that phone and step away from the tablet?! Then this book could be what you’re looking for! £5.89 from The Works

Light up message board – we’ve three of these in our house, and they are so fun! £9.99 from Find me a Gift

W7 eyeshadow palette – for teens who love make-up, these W7 palettes are fantastic! £9.97 from W7 Cosmetics

Build your own ukelele – simple and fun to build, this adds a whole new dimension to learning an instrument £27.99 from Amazon

Skateboard – an ever-cool gift for the teen boy {or girl} £49.95 from

Game of Things – fun addition to games night – Read a topic, have everyone write a response and then take turns eliminating players by guessing who wrote what. £32.99 from Amazon


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