My Autumn Soundtrack

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I was awake at my usual 6am this morning, snuck out of bed, poured a giant mug of earl grey and padded outside to sit on the step. It’s my favourite way to start the day, slowly, peacefully, taking some time to come around before the days really begin. Whereas just a couple of weeks ago, the sun would already be rising and the birds singing their morning song, now it’s still dark, the birds still tucked up in their nests and a chill in the air.

We’ve been cleaning the garden this week, taking out the plants that have finished for the year, tidying up, giving the lawn one last trim, seeing the leaves on the trees changing colour and falling.

Autumn has arrived, full of beautiful colours, crisp, clear mornings and darker evenings. Now the candles are burning when we eat dinner, the blankets have been aired and are back on the sofa’s ready to curl under after dark and the fairy lights twinkle against the kitchen window. As much as I love summer, being out in the sun and not needing a million layers, there iss something special about Autumn. When there is change in the air, I feel as though life begins again. It’s time to set out new rhythms after the lazy days of summer, clear the clutter and make the house cosier ready for the long, cold winter.

I love Autumn evenings, cosied in the living room with my kiddos, music playing, candles burning, hands full of knitting, or listening to their tales or reading aloud from a favourite book. It’s a time to slow down and nurture family time. The kids love to drag my vinyl out, taking turns to choose a record to pop on. There is always music playing in our house, the radio waking us up whilst we eat breakfast, or some tunes on quietly while we work. Music is in our veins, and I can never fathom those homes where people don’t have music playing all the time.

Spotify is probably the app that the girls and I use the most, we pay for premium for family and it’s probably the best £15 I spend a month! I love creating playlists on there, especially now we have an Amazon Echo and I can stream them through it! Here’s my autumn playlist, it’s been on repeat around here – perfect music for knitting, working and painting too!


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