Friday Finds

Holy guacamole! I thought Friday was never going to come this week… seriously, by Tuesday I was done. Not sure how I’ve made it through the rest of the week to be honest.

Since we got back from the Good LIfe Experience, I’ve felt a bit out of sorts. Anxious and stressed… the return to a more ‘normal’ routine after a lazy summer perhaps, and the feeling of needing to DO IT ALL. Been trying to take deep breaths and remember i don’t have to be superwoman.

Aaaaanyway…. I have a whole load of posts I’ve been meaning to write and share, this week I’d planned to get back on the blogging train. That didn’t happen, but maybe next week it will…. so for now, here’s a little round up of good stuff I’ve found over the last few weeks.

25 inexpensive ways to keep your kids busy when they’re bored – LOVE these!

This post on How to Parent a Picky Eater Without Losing Your Mind is great, as the parent of a very picky eater as well as a former picky eater myself I’d say this advice is spot on.

Apparently the Dutch raise the happiest children – what can we learn from them? brownies – now I have an oven again {after whole week without a working one!} these are on my weekend baking list

Been munching on these Ape Snacks this week – moreish pieces of coconut that are oh so good! They make Crispy Coconut Curls and Crunchy Coconut Bites – the sesame seed bites are my favourite ones – though the salted chocolate curls come a close second! the Mom-shame game

Also baking these – weeknight nachos – I’ve been craving nachos ever since my oven broke. So exited!!

Did you see that Ben and Jerry’s launched some non-dairy flavours here in the UK?! I was freaking out last weekend… we made an after dinner trip to Tesco to stock up. The Peanut Butter and Cookies is my favourite.


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