Review | Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Digital Sound Baby Monitor

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I’ve been putting the Tippee Closer to Nature Digital Sound Baby Monitor to the test for the past few weeks. We had a monitor when Beastie was a tiny baby, then it broke and I never bothered replacing it. The last few months though, I’d been thinking it would be useful – for one, he’s in bed for eight, and over the summer the girls and I would be out in the garden till late, playing, chatting, sitting around the firepit. I didn’t like being outside and not being able to hear if he did wake up, I was having to pop inside every so often to check. Also, I leave him in bed in the morning when I get up to do my workout – again, down the bottom of our house in the den I can’t hear him.

This Tommee Tippee monitor has been fantastic. Easy to set up – pretty much just plug in and go, it’s made me far more relaxed about sitting out in the garden as I know that I will hear him if he needs me. The parent unit is rechargeable, and can be carried around the house with you – mine lives in the den on its cradle, but I can grab it to take in the garden when we’re sitting outside – it works up to a range of 300m.

The digital displays tell you the temperature of the baby’s room, and you can control the nightlight on the baby unit from the parent unit – great if you hear your little one start to stir. There is also a talkback feature, allowing you to speak to your child when they wake up and reassure them. This has also come in useful once or twice when I’ve been downstairs and have heard my big girls arguing through the monitor – me shouting through the baby monitor always makes them jump haha!

Whether you’re expecting a baby or have a toddler, this is a great monitor – it will come in handy long past the newborn days – it’s great to keep a check on toddlers playing in their rooms for example.


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