Back to School with John Lewis

Back to School with John Lewis

After almost a decade of home schooling, my eldest went into high school last year, entering half way through Year 9. I hadn’t realised how much stuff she would need, never having to do the school shop before – blazer, tie, jumper, trousers, shirts {enough to not need to wash mid-week}, shoes, a bag big enough to carry everything, lunchbox, drinks bottle, pens, pencils…. It was a bit of a crazy rush around trying to get everything sorted for her.

This year she’ll be starting Year 10 in September, and we’re away for the last half of August, so I knew that I needed to get organised ahead of time. Neither of us enjoys shopping, so we were both relieved when John Lewis invited us to try out their Back to School range and kit her out for the new school year.

We were really impressed whilst browsing the school uniform section on their website, not only do they sell actual uniform, but everything else from PE kits to backpacks, lunchboxes to hats and gloves. They are a one-stop shop for all your school needs – saving you time and a lot of stress!

Back to School with John Lewis

I ordered Lola two pairs of trousers, two packs of shirts, a new pair of shoes, a water bottle as well as some felt tip pens.

I’m really impressed with the quality {and the prices}, the shirts are great and cost-effective to buy enough for her to have a fresh one every day. The trousers are perfect as they have an adjustable waist, meaning we’ll get longer out of them {hopefully} and are a really good shape – they’re not allowed super skinny trousers, but these are just perfect, fitted but not too tight.

I’m hoping these shoes are better than the ones she had last year, they seem tough and durable so I think they’ll last a little longer. I feel a little less stressed knowing that we have all her uniform sorted, we’ve only got about 4 days at home now before school starts, so it’s one last thing to have to worry about!

Back to School with John Lewis

Are you ready for the new school year?

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