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It’s a sad fact that decorating and redecoration are often viewed as chores; rather than embracing the creative challenge, many of us cannot wait for the task to be over. When was the last time you undertook a personal project or threw yourself into a design venture with gusto? Breathing new life into your home and its rooms should be fun; an opportunity to completely reinvent the spaces you occupy. If you’ve reached the point of no return and have begun to view redecorating as something of a bore take a look at the pointers below; hopefully they’ll offer up the kind of inspiration that will have you falling in love with your home all over again…
Have a change around
Before you start covering furniture with dustsheets and ordering the new upholstery, think very carefully about the positioning of your furniture. What works? Which layouts simply don’t serve your family and its needs any more? Redecorating a home isn’t just about applying a lick of paint, but ensuring that your home is as comfortable and functional as possible. The philosophy of Feng Shui and the art of accessorising may become particularly integral to your project; there’s little use decorating until you’ve created a space that reflects your family, its passions, and its dynamic, properly.

Get smart with storage

A short and sweet tip; it’s time to get smart with storage. Clutter is uninspiring and annoying, and tends to encourage chaos throughout our homes and our lives. When was the last time you gazed upon that stack of paperwork and felt the serenity of the moment? If you’re thinking about redecoration and want to be inspired start with the items in your home that simply don’t have anywhere to go. From under-stair storage and hidden compartments, to decorative boxes and floating shelves, starting with storage is bound to unleash your hidden interior designer.

Be inspired by colour

Another relatively effective, yet simple décor idea is to alter the colour scheme of certain rooms, breathing life into dark corners and reinventing tired spaces. Nothing says ‘makeover’ quite like bursts of colour throughout your home, after all. Playing with colour can be incredibly relaxing, and is bound to unleash your inner creative eventually. Think about the kinds of colour and hues that you like, and the shades that will work well together in each room. Pantone’s colour of the year is Greenery, which is evocative of rich forests and beautiful gardens. Are you a little too nervous to whip out a paintbrush? Add colour to your home with decals or borders, and cleverly placed accessories instead.

Dream about where you’d like to be

When all else fails, think about the places you’d like to visit, and the sights you’ve always wanted to see. Are you a traveller at heart, or do you prefer to keep your feet firmly upon terra firma? Perhaps you have a myriad of mementos from holidays and trips that you’ve never had the time to display, or would like a little motivation to take those steps into the great beyond. Think about incorporating such ideas into your décor; postcards, canvases depicting faraway destinations, and trinkets brought back from abroad will add that spark of creativity that your home has been crying out for.

Play with natural light

Natural light is a free resource, but we seldom use it to its full potential. When harnessed creatively natural light can brighten, and reinvent any room, as well as making smaller spaces look much larger; it can, in effect, alter our perceptions of our homes. So, how should you make the most of natural light? Mirrors are a fantastic addition to any wall, instantly reflecting light around the room. Curtains and drapes can also be used to enhance the light entering your home; imagine the sun peeping through soft, velvet curtains and you may already love your bedroom that little bit more. Finally, consider DIY shutters, which will allow you to filter natural light into your home and dress your windows with style and grace. Suddenly your home is beginning to come together.

Teach yourself about the power of upcycling

If you’d really like to embrace your creativity, consider the process of upcycling, which involves the transformation of antique and second-hand objects to create something new and exciting. from stripping back and reupholstering wooden furniture to repainting and covering accessories, upcycling is a fantastic way to give outdated objects a new lease of life – and to rediscover your passion for your home and its contents. You may choose to upcycle precious items that you’ve had for many years, or to shop for vintage belongings with a view to making them your own; whatever you do, embrace the chance to jump into a project.
It’s time to plan a personal project. To put it bluntly, only you have the power to transform your home. Sure, sites and apps such as Pinterest and Instagram will offer up the inspiration you need to get started, but only you can translate that blank canvas into a space you’re happy to call home. Decorating, or redecorating should never become a chore. Instead, channel your inner creativity to come up with something truly incredible. I know you have it in you!


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  1. July 21, 2017 / 06:44

    Smart tips! I have a smallish home so I have been forced to expand my creative horizons to create more space and storage. I have bee successful till now but with another addition to the family due soon, I dont know how long will I be able to succeed.

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