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Hurrah – we made it to the end of the week! We’re adjusting here back into a new routine – Miss Lola is out of school, for now, we had issues with her school that they basically tried to ignore, and after seeing her getting more and more down, and more anxious by the day, I made the decision to pull her out. She has a place at a new school in September, but for now, she’s back home with us. It feels good to have her home again – after being homeschooled all her life, I really missed her when she was at school {even if it does mean having world war three happen in my house on a daily basis -her and Kiki are VERY good at annoying each other!}

I spent most of yesterday painting bedroom walls and moving Kiki into a room of her own – cabin beds had to be dismantled, moved and rebuilt as well as all her stuff AND Beastie’s stuff. It was a busy day! Catching up on some ‘school stuff and a little work today before a weekend of fun ahead of us.

Here are a few recent ’round the web’ finds…

Love these 14 ways to raise the vibration of your house

Great vegan cheat sheets if you’ve just gone vegan and need some guidance

Absolutely love this article on how to raise a feminist son

This article on telephone anxiety – I hate talking on the phone so much!

Looking forward to reading this Slow Retreat free e-book!

This dairy free/gluten free/refined sugar-free banana bread is my current obsession. Tastes SO good and is guilt free {so it’s OK to eat every day right?!}

Words that breathe life into little girls

7 Life-changing truths

How to be strong and healthy at the same time

My favourite yoga ab workout right now

This Roasted Vegetable Risotto  MHYK meal is so tasty – it saved me last week when I ran out of time to make our planned meal, and needed to trhow something quick together.  Being vegan it’s handy to have a couple of healthy ready meals on stand by, and this one was delicious as well as being nutritionally balanced. They do lots of other meals {though this is the only vegan option right now}

My two little meat eaters are loving these MOR sausages whenever we BBQ right now {and I’m happy as they contain less fat and salt than most sausages} – fingers crossed for sun this weekend, so we can BBQ again.

Hope you all have a great weekend!



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