5 items your kids will want this summer

Summer is not too far away, and parents will be looking for the best way to keep the kids entertained and out of mischief throughout the school holidays. If you have kids that will happily kick a ball around all day long, then you probably don’t have to worry too much, but for those that aren’t as easily pleased, you might need some inspiration. Here are a few ideas for keeping the kids happy this summer:

Incred-a-Ball – The huge inflatable balls are already being snapped up quickly so order yours soon if you want to get this in time for summer. Kids love rolling them, climbing inside them or racing with one another, and if you have a large outdoor area or a nearby park for them to enjoy, then they can have hours of fun.

Platform Swing – Kids have always loved swings, but it isn’t always easy to set up a swing in the back garden. However, the various designs of platform swings make the job a whole lot easier, and rather than having arguments over who gets to go on the swing, you can get platform swings that easily hold a few kids at a time.

Inflatable Easel and Paints – Painting is great fun but the mess it can result in often puts parents off. However, the inflatable easel allows you to keep the painting action outdoors, and you don’t need to constantly bring the easel in every time it looks like rain might be on its way. Painting can keep kids entertained all day long, and help them to master some artistic talent along the way!

Heelys – A fond favourite in the 00s, Heelys have been around for some time. However, Heelys now have better designs and comfort levels, with the added option of one or two wheels. Therefore, why not bring one of your teenage-loves into your child’s life? Skates.co.uk offer a variety of options, and they can help get your kids outside. With many kids glued to their screens, these fantastic shoes could prove that the outside world is far more exciting than the inside of a house.

Hop Balls – Over the years there have been all kinds of variations of hoppers, but they are still as popular as ever. As well as being a lot of fun for the kids, it is also decent exercise to bounce around on a hop ball. Hop ball races are fantastic, and a sure way of ensuring your kids make the most of being outdoors this summer.

It can be tempting to keep your kids entertained with iPods, computer games and other indoor activities but being outdoors is a much better alternative. All of these great items will help encourage your kids to spend more time outside and less time glued to the TV/device that they love so much. If the weather is good, then make the most of it and get the kids appreciating what the great outdoors has to offer.


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