This Homeschooling Life #22 – May in reflection


It doesn’t feel like we did very much last month – I think it was a quieter, more home-based month but our days were still jam-packed and we most likely did a lot more than I think! I find we go through phases when it doesn’t feel like we’ve acheived anything tangiable yet somehow at the end I realise the kids have suddenly learnt new skills, or grown in some ways – it’s often in the quieter times that things just happen naturally.

May’s unit study was on life cycle’s – specifically the caterpillar/butterfly cycle. We ordered some caterpillars {from HERE if you’re interested} and really enjoyed watching them grow and change over the month. We’ve had them a few times in the past, but not since the girls were much younger, so they really enjoyed it again this time. Plus we finally got to see a butterfly emerge from its chrysalis, we’ve always missed it in the past.  We worked on some lapbooks over the course of the month, finding out all there is to know about butterflies, and used ours fro some nature journaling. We keep the butterflies for a couple of days after they emerged, and then set them free in our garden last weekend.

Our book club book last month was the Handbook for Dragon Slayers, which I surprisingly really enjoyed. It’s not the sort of book I would ever choose to read, and the first few chapters were slow going and not too exciting, but then it suddenly picked up pace and we all loved it. We had fun doing a few activities around it – going on a Mythical Creatures hunt with friends, and designing and making our own mythical creatures. Kiki and Baya also made a paper mache dragons head which was a lot of fun.

The girls have carried on with Life of Fred for our maths which we’re still really enjoying as much as ever. There’s been the usual mix of crafting, painting, baking, reading, playing that goes on every day – sometimes instigated by me, sometimes there own doing. We’ve had a few home ed groups, some social meets, a camping trip and lots of fun family time. It might have been a quieter month but it’s been a good one.


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