Pint-Sized Therapy: Baby Outfits to Turn Any Frown Upside Down


Who says babies can’t be funny? One of the best things about having a child is dressing them any way you want to – at least for the first few years – so make the most of it while you can. Here are some fun and entertaining ways to dress them each day that will turn any frown upside-down. And don’t forget all the fun pictures you’ll be able to show them when they’re all grown up.

For a Baby Girl

Say it With Onesies: Baby onesies are convenient for mom and comfortable for baby. But that doesn’t mean they can’t also be cute and even funny. There are thousands of different designs out there ranging from cute animal prints to snarky slogans. Look here for a wide range of funny baby onesies for both girls and boys.

Dress Your Little Princess Like a Royal: The way some moms want to dress their infant daughters is inspired by Princes royal baby Charlotte. Her cute but classy styles are real winners. And any little princess will look beautiful in them.

Create a contrast with leggings and tees: There are so many colors and designs to choose from when it comes to leggings and t-shirts for little lasses. Don’t limit yourself to plain leggings, kick her outfit up a notch with trendy colors and groovy patterns.

Accessorize any outfit: Don’t just think ribbons and bows –although they are wonderful accessories – use barrettes, bobbles, bangles, belts, hats, socks, sunglasses, and scarves.

For a Baby Boy

Dress him like a little man: Little fellas look good in denim jeans, mini-hoodies, and tiny sneakers. He can also look adorable dressed like dad.

Have fun with t-shirts: A funky tee can change up any outfit. Whether you go for a graphic-tee with a screen printed design, a vintage shirt or a long-sleeve tee, your little man will look great.

Get funky with sweaters: Sweaters and cardigans look gorgeous on little lads, and they’re great for going out in the cooler weather. Chose from cable knit cardies and Aran sweaters to patterned hoodies to fleece pullovers.

Dress him in comfortable playwear: Before too long, your little man is going to be crawling around and trying get on his feet. At this time you’ll want to dress him in comfy playwear like rompers, joggers, polo shorts ad dungaree shorts so he has plenty of room to move.

Accessorize any outfit: Accessories are so versatile, even for little ones. Add a pint-sized bandana to you son’s outfit, play around with caps and hats. Add a funky belt or jazzy socks. All of these accessories brighten up any outfit.

No matter whether you’re dressing up your son or daughter for an infant photo shoot, a day out at the park or lunch with grandma and grandpa, here are lots of cute ways you can dress them up so that they will be the center of everyone’s attention.


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