The Colour Coded Easter Egg Hunt


With Easter less than 10 days away, and the bird nesting season in full swing, bird food suppliers and outdoor enthusiasts Kennedy Wild Bird Food thought it would be the perfect time for children to get outside and explore.

I’ve created an egg hunt every year for my kiddos, for as long as I can remember. It’s one of my favourite parts of Easter morning, watching them run around our garden hunting for eggs! Apart from the year I hid them in the woods at our old house, and the chickens got to the sweets first. Ooops!! With four kids there are always cries of ‘they got more than me!’, so this great new twist on the classic Easter egg hunt means children from all ages can participate, without anyone having an unfair advantage.

This would make a fun activity, not just for Easter morning at home, but in the park with a group of friends, or at on of our Home Ed groups too. You could even involve your kids in the painting of the eggs to add in some craft time. Check out the Kennedy Wild Bird Food Easter egg infographix below.

Do you make an egg hunt for your kiddos?




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