Europe’s Best Single Parent Holiday Destinations


Single parents are often not the marketed demographic for holiday advertisements. Seldom do you see realistic images of single parents chasing after their handful of children (all running in different directions, of course). Despite this lack of imagery, there are in fact many destinations that cater to single mums and dads.

Do not be discouraged by the idea of taking your children by yourself abroad. While navigating airports, planes, trains, and cars may be a deterrent, there are many destinations that are guaranteed to be worth the fuss. One of those places includes France, a romantic country that provides as much culture as it does fun. If you are the type of family that does not mind the cold, the French Pyranees offer you and your children inclusive ski holidays where your family is free to enjoy the many mountain ski resort features, in a self-contained and safe environment.

If snow sounds like a drag, then choosing a trip to Sicily with kids is one of the best things you can do for them, as well as for yourself. Sometimes keeping your children entertained by yourself can be a task, but in Sicily, this requires very little effort as the activities and sights are limitless. There are even specific guides with detailed tips and advice on how to best explore Sicily with kids. From the Madonie Adventure Park to the Catacombs to the village of Taormina and the mighty Mount Etna, there is just so much to explore. Since Sicily is most known for its renowned puppet theaters, children are set to have a cultural experience never to be forgotten, which is satisfying to both them and their parents.

Portugal is a beautiful place that can often be overlooked as people usually end up going to more popular Spanish attractions. However, the beautiful beaches and resorts of the Algarve offer plenty for single parents and their kids, especially when companies like Single With Kids allow for you to stay in an all-inclusive hotel where children are guaranteed to be entertained with on-site activities daily. You can choose to go out with or without the kids knowing they are in safe hands. This surely makes Portugal a top destination for single parents.

If you have teenagers, sometimes giving them their independence is a vital aspect of making the holiday enjoyable for all. This is what makes the Turkish town of Kas an ideal locale for a family holiday with more mature children. Since it is a coastal town, there is plenty of adventure that is sure to whet the appetites of even the most adventurous members of your family. Scuba diving, kayaking, and cruising the Aegean Sea can all be arranged, but if you prefer relaxing on a beach, that is also very welcome. Turkey can be just the holiday your family needs.

Holidays as a single parent are not always what the magazines have in mind when advertising the perfect holiday. However, it is possible to have a fantastic, picture-perfect holiday with your children as a single parent that is more than worthy of the holiday brochures.


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