5 Hair Care tips for busy Mama’s


There was a time when I’d spend hours sorting my hair out, washing and styling it each day before college. These days, as a busy Mama, homeschooler, and writer, I don’t have the time {or inclination} to spend hours on my hair. I prefer a ‘wash and go’ style, something that needs about two minutes to look half-decent in the morning and is versatile – I like long hair as it’s way easier to manage for me than short  – it’s easy to throw it in a messy bun or french plaits if I haven’t had time to wash it. I’ve just recently been putting some colours back in my hair after a year of having it blonde/ombre and not dying it at all. It’s been fun to mix it back up – my hair needed the break,20 years of dying had taken its toll on the condition. My hair thinned a little after my babies, but thankfully it’s back to its normal fullness now – I was beginning to think I’d need to investigate a hair transplant cost – it was so thin I couldn’t do anything with it!

Here are my five top hair care tips if you don’t have much time;

1| Pick a style that works for you – a good hair cut makes so much difference to everyday styling. I’ll admit, I cut my own – have down since i was a teenager, but if you’re not up to the task, talk to your stylist about how much time you have to spend each day. If you only have five minutes, you don’t want a cut that needs blow drying everyday.

2| Wash less often – no more are the days of me washing my hair everyday. Now I average a couple of times a week.  My hair acutally looks better a day or two after washing it! Dry shampoo really is a Mama’s best friend!

3| Learn to love oil – far from making your hair look greasy and dirty, oil hydrates your hair and makes it look and feel so much healthier! I use argon oil in the mid-to ends of my hair after washing, and a little on the ends in a morning if they’re dry or frizzy.

4| Bedtime Prep – I leave my hair to dry naturally, giving it a bit of a curl, if I brush it I end up with a giant head of frizz! So I’ve gotten into the habit of brushing it before bed, french plaiting it and then in a morning I just have to run my fingers trhough my hair – perfect waves AND no morning brushing needed!

5| Weekly Hair Mask – This is my favroutite step – especially after bleaching/colouring your hair, a weekly mask is essential to put back in some moisture and repare the damage. I actually prefer coconut oil for this to any hair mask you can buy. I pick a night when I know I’ll have time for a shower the next morning, smother my hair in coconut oil and pop it in a bun for bed {you might want to protect your pillow case with an old towel}. Then rinse off and wash as normal the next morning for super silky hair!


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